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Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Linda smoking under the light'




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Product Code No.:  1029
Medium:  Oil painting

Argentinian 'Fabian Perez' (b.1967) is currently one of the hottest living contemporary artists on the planet having gained international recognition with his trademark Latin American passionate paintings winning the prestigious 'Artist of the Year 2014' from the Italian Academy of Arts. He was also chosen artist for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

He lists the Pope, Lionel Messi, Rihanna, Sugar Ray Leonard and Scott Welland amongst his celebrity benefactors and his paintings continue to rapidly increase in price.

He invented a new genre of painting called Neo-Emotionalism.

'Linda smoking under the Light' is one of his earlier most sought after paintings and is framed in his authentic Latin American style with speckled paint on a black studded frame.

His original paintings are rare to find at reasonable prices and his limited edition  prints also command very high prices and are collected voraciously worldwide!

The painting is listed with a picture in Fabian Perez's beautiful large Neo-Emotionalism book (pic attached).

The painting is an oil measuring 29.5 x 21 cms and  64 x 56.4 cms in the deluxe Fabian Perez frame.

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