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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'In the Storm II'

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Medium:  Acrylic

Marina Syntelis from Greece is swiftly becoming one of the world's greatest  hyper realistic wave painters and 'In the Storm II' is another Marina classic!

The wave reaches a high crest driven by the wind of the storm, with laddered foam lines and rippples getting higher until the translucent crest topples over and rushes down to the trough below. You can just feel the energy in the painting and Marina takes you as close as you can be with a birds eye view of the water crashing around.

Marina is famous for capturing a moment of high energy and painting it emotionally to take you to a wondersome place where you cannot stop looking at the painting!

'In the Storm II' is painted in acrylic and the detail within the wave erupting is simply breath-taking! 

The painting on canvas is signed, measures 50cm x 40cm (19.6" x  15.75") and comes in a beautiful, white, meditteranean looking, double floating box frame which really compliments the painting. 


Marina's works can be found in collections all over the world and it is a great opportunity to buy an amazing painting at an exciting entry point price!

An initial 30% deposit of £546 is payable followed by 4 quarterly payments of £318.50 by Direct Debit. Proof of house ownership, current residence and photo ID is required. Minimum age is 21.

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the sheer power of her painting! 


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