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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'Nafplion'




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Product Code No.:  1176
Medium:  Oil painting

Marina Syntelis (b.1975) went back in time to bring back a painting technique favoured by the Old Masters, incorporating a secret recipe of blending resins, linseed oil, turps and oils to create an incredible luminescence , vitality depth to her oil paintings. A beautiful painting described in Marina's'own words as:'

"Nafplion is a beautiful small town in the south of Greece. Although Greece is famous for its bright blue sky, I am more fascinated by the wintry dark, heavy clouds. In this painting I tried to depict the contrast between the dramatic sky and the much calmer sea surface. The round shapes of the clouds and the fine lines of the water. It is an overall dark work, with the certainty of the sun hiding behind the clouds, giving hope and light".

The painting is signed on the canvas, painted in oils using Marina's special technique and measures 50cm x 40cm

It is framed  in Marina's trademark white floating box frame, Mediterranean style, which sets it off very nicely.

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