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Sheeba Khan (b.1974) 'Sweet Surrender'

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Medium:  Acrylic

Sheeba Khan is listed as one of the worlds Top 50 emerging contemporary artists winning prestigious awards in Spain and Italy, as her career takes off!

Her unique Abstract Expressionist style is full of life, passion and colour! Her palette dances to whatever mood she finds herself in and she has the ability to interpret her thoughts and fill the canvas with her dreams.

Sheeba herself has an incredible story, having been raised on a remote jungle farm in Bhopal, India surrounded by colour and exotica as well as the love and protection of her family. She loved wandering in the jungle and the jungle was her soul. However at twelve years old, her parents thought that the jungle existence was not enough for Sheeba so she was sent to school in a more normal place and over the years and folowing a lot of good and sad times she ended up in the United Arab Emirates.

It wasn't until 2013 that Sheeba took to painting to express her deep feelings and personal thoughts and the journey since then has been fast and inspirational. Her work is recognised internationally. She has drawn likeness's to Jackson Pollack but whereas Jackson Pollack drip painted vigorously Sheeba Khan applies her paint by brush and knife creating multilayers of colourful (and sometimes darker) canvasses oozing with life and emotion. But the intricate lines of Jackson Pollack's work can be seen in Sheeba's as there is a web like thread which holds it together and creates a pattern amidst the wealth of emotion.

Sweet Surrender is about how a lot of people changed theirselves for their beloved. Instead of being themselves (the very reason you fell in love with them). Sheeba believes as I do that enduring relationships are ones where each retains his/her individuality and compliment each other instead of a 'Sweet Surrender!'.

The acrylic painting is framed in a modern white box frame and the image measures 70cm x 100cm. It is a good size, is very contemporary and signed by Sheeba Khan.

As well as a beautiful painting it's a great investment piece as well!

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