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Solomon Alexander Hart RA (1806-81) 'Othello & Iago'

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Medium:  Oil painting

Incredible history to this painting discovered at the Royal Academy & Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

It was painted in oil in 1855 by Solomon Alexander Hart RA and exhibited at the Royal Academy exhibition of 1855. It’s a scene from Shakespeare’s Othello with both Othello and Iago and Desdemona in the background

One of Hart’s close friends Howard Smith loved the painting and Shakespeare so much he gave Hart a commission to paint it in watercolour which Hart did. In letters held at the Royal Academy between Hart and Smith Hart described it as ‘the finest watercolour I have painted’.

Amazingly in 1862 both the oil version and watercolour version were displayed at the 1862 London International exhibition held in a special building now on the site of the Natural History Museum with 6 million spectators! (reference Exhibition catalogue)

It is believed to be one of the first times that an oil and watercolour version of the same painting by an artist have appeared at the same time at the same international exhibition.

The watercolour version is now housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Hart loved the oil painting version so much he did not sell it and it is catalogued as being part of his studio sale after his death in 1881.

Solomon Alexander Hart was the most famous Jewish artist of the Victorian era and he also became librarian at the Royal Academy. His works are fairly rare to find but highly sought after. His last painting recorded at Artprice .com, ‘The Proposal of the Jews to Ferdinand and Isabella (1870) sold in auction at Kestenbaums New York for £137,542 on 8/3/2018. Only thirty-three oil paintings are recorded as being seen at auction by

This painting was valued by Christies in 2017 at £5,000 (ticket on back of painting) before any of the history of this famous painting was known.

It is now valued conservatively at the price below. A full research pack will be given with the painting when sold.Painted oil on canvas, signed and dated 1855, it measures 39 x 33cm and framed in an original gilt Victorian frame.

 His work is now highly sought after!

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