Most framers focus on enhancing the artwork to be framed, rather than the room it will inhabit.

You can only get a true feel for a home by visually seeing and 'feeling' it and we are proud to offer a free home visit service where we try to enhance both the picture and the frame within the colour contrasts of your home environment.

When a low-contrast frame design is placed into a highly contrasting room decor, it could look faded and out of place. If a highly contrasting frame design is placed into a soothing, low contrast decor, it may be unsettling and too powerful for the room.

We will work with you to ensure that your artwork is beautifully presented and enhances the decor of your room. 

We have over 3000  different framing options and 450 framing samples to suit all tastes and budgets and by using modern bespoke framing software and real life samples we can

quickly help you establish what frame best suits your project.           

We also work closely with Interior Designers and the general public so if there is a painting of ours which you like

but would prefer it reframed, to match your decor we can do so for you at trade price!

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