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Solomon Alexander Hart RA (1806-81) Study for 'Othello & Iago 1855'

Solomon Alexander Hart RA (1806-81) Study for 'Othello & Iago 1855'£8,750.00

Study for 'Othello & Iago', famous oil painting exhibited at The Royal Academy in 1855 and The International Exhibition 1862. His last work sold for 137,542!

Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'

Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'£5,500.00

Sensational emotional painting on oxidised metal by Louisa Tebbutt!

Charles Green (1840-1898) 'The Gordon Riots' (1896)

Charles Green (1840-1898) 'The Gordon Riots' (1896)£3,850.00

Believed to be the finest atmospheric painting ever made of the Gordon Riots 1780!

Chris Levine 'Lightness of Being'

Chris Levine 'Lightness of Being'£2,950.00

Stunning rare Chris Levine 'Lightness of Being'/Freedom Edition Artists Proof (only 100 in edition).

Edward Jakob Von Steinle (1810-86) 'The Right Casket & The Outcome of the Court Session'

Edward Jakob Von Steinle (1810-86) 'The Right Casket & The Outcome of the Court Session'£2,750.00

Historic twin watercolour set from Austrian artist Edward Jakob Von Steinle (1810-86) exhibited at The World Expo in Vienna 1873 (over 7 million visitors!) where it was purchased by Julius Beer, owner of The Observer newspaper. Two scenes from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Daniel Hooper 'King of the Jungle'

Daniel Hooper 'King of the Jungle'£1,950.00

Beautiful abstract impressionistic acrylic wildlife painting from the amazing Daniel Hooper!

Sally Hynard (b.1959) 'Pride of Safina'

Sally Hynard (b.1959) 'Pride of Safina'

Beautiful and highly exhibited painting shortlisted for the 2015 David Shepherd Wildlife Prize.

Sherree Valentine Daines (b1959) 'Spring Shade'

Sherree Valentine Daines (b1959) 'Spring Shade'

A very charming and rare large early oil painting (when she was 24) from one of the UK's current hottest contemporary artists and one of the main faces of modern impressionism in Britain!!

Susan Bower (b.1953) 'The Wedding Party'

Susan Bower (b.1953) 'The Wedding Party'

Delightful Royal Academy exhibited oil on board by Susan Blower RBA ROI (b.1953-) called 'The Big Day' signed.


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