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Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'

Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'£7,400.00

The master of the miniature with a beautifully detailed classic Spencelayh special!

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Night Angel III'

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Night Angel III'£6,750.00   £5,500.00

Very stylish original ink and watercolour painting from one of the world's most sought after contemporary artists!

Mark Spain (b1962) 'The Rejection'

Mark Spain (b1962) 'The Rejection'£4,750.00

Very passionate and sensual portrayal of life by the amazing Mark Spain!

Henry Edridge ARA (1768-1821) 'Nelly O'Brien'

Henry Edridge ARA (1768-1821) 'Nelly O'Brien'£2,800.00

Superbly painted watercolour of one of Englands most famous women of the 18th century!

Henry Grub (1888-1963) 'The church organ player'

Henry Grub (1888-1963) 'The church organ player'£1,850.00

Stunning large atmospheric oil painting from a very well known American artist painted in 1927!

Anthony Quinn (1916-2001) 'Facets of Liberty'

Anthony Quinn (1916-2001) 'Facets of Liberty'£1,750.00

Stunning Anthony Quinn (1916-2001) limited edition 3/100 signed lithograph on paper! Great investment potential.

Nicholas St.John Rosse RSMA (b.1945) 'The Student'

Nicholas St.John Rosse RSMA (b.1945) 'The Student'£1,450.00

1968 classic oil painting with good provenance and includes an explanatory commentary by artists wife.

Jason Sullivan (1958-2018) 'Portrait of Lewis Carroll (Charles Hodgson) Imagining Alice through the Looking Glass'

Jason Sullivan (1958-2018) 'Portrait of Lewis Carroll (Charles Hodgson) Imagining Alice through the Looking Glass'£1,350.00

Fascinating painting which really takes you somewhere else!

Jill Shalless (b.1960) 'The Artist's Studio'

Jill Shalless (b.1960) 'The Artist's Studio'£1,250.00

Incredibly realistic studio painting from highly acclaimed Australian artist Jill Shalless!

John Bratby (1928-92) 'The Jump Suit'

John Bratby (1928-92) 'The Jump Suit'£1,250.00

Very colourful mixed media picture from highly sought after UK Mod Brit artist!

Mircea Marosin (1921-2007) 'Psychedelic Man'

Mircea Marosin (1921-2007) 'Psychedelic Man'£1,240.00

Striking large colourful painting from Mircea Marosin (Romanian 1921-2007)

Lucia Sarto (b.1950) 'Couple in an Interior'

Lucia Sarto (b.1950) 'Couple in an Interior'£675.00

Charming interior scene painted by Italian genre painter Lucia Sarto.

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