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Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'

Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'£7,400.00

The master of the miniature with a beautifully detailed classic Spencelayh special!

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Black and Classic II'

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Black and Classic II'£6,950.00

Really cool original pen and ink painting by the incredible Fabian Perez!

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Night Angel III'

Fabian Perez (b.1967) 'Night Angel III'£6,950.00   £6,750.00

Very stylish original ink and watercolour painting from one of the world's most sought after contemporary artists!

Mark Spain (b1962) 'The Rejection'

Mark Spain (b1962) 'The Rejection'£5,750.00

Very passionate and sensual portrayal of life by the amazing Mark Spain!

Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'

Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'£5,500.00

Sensational emotional painting on oxidised metal by Louisa Tebbutt!

Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'

Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'£3,650.00   £3,250.00

Incredibly beautiful hyper realistic acrylic painting of a 1956 Pink Cadillac from the amazing Roz Wilson!

Pierre Laprade (1875-1931) 'Fenetre A Bouqueval La Mappemonde'

Pierre Laprade (1875-1931) 'Fenetre A Bouqueval La Mappemonde'£2,875.00

Incredibly charming post-impressionistic famous picture by France's legendary Pierre Laprade!

Dan McDermott (b.1972) 'Town Car' 2003

Dan McDermott (b.1972) 'Town Car' 2003£2,850.00

Very large fast moving image captured and painted beautifully by the amazing Dan McDermott!

The Connor Brothers 'All She Wanted was to be someone's most precious person

The Connor Brothers 'All She Wanted was to be someone's most precious person£2,650.00

Beautiful large Connor Brothers float framed low edition iconic prints!

The Connor Brothers 'The Idiot (Ukraine) version

The Connor Brothers 'The Idiot (Ukraine) version£2,400.00

The Connor Brothers are one of the most sought after contemporary artists worldwide currently and this is a very rare Studio Proof of the sold out Ukraine version of The Idiot!

Henry Grub (1888-1963) 'The church organ player'

Henry Grub (1888-1963) 'The church organ player'£1,850.00

Stunning large atmospheric oil painting from a very well known American artist painted in 1927!

John Bratby (1928-92) 'The Jump Suit'

John Bratby (1928-92) 'The Jump Suit'£1,450.00

Very colourful mixed media picture from highly sought after UK Mod Brit artist!

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Page 1 of 5:    56 Items
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