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Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'Twin Waves'

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'Twin Waves'£3,640.00

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) with an outstanding hyper realistic oil painting of two Cornish waves crashing together! The depth and detail is incredible!

Marina Syntelis b.1974 'Colossus'

Marina Syntelis b.1974 'Colossus'£3,640.00

In Marina Syntelis's (b.1974) own words "one of the finest paintings she's ever produced!" Truly stunning, hyper realistic wave painting in oil from one of the worlds greatest contemporary marine painters. It is simply awesome!

Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'

Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'£2,250.00

Incredibly beautiful hyper realistic acrylic painting of a 1956 Pink Cadillac from the amazing Roz Wilson!

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'Charybdis'

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'Charybdis'£1,820.00

A stunning hyper realistic wave painting from the very talented Marina Syntelis (b.1974)!

'Charybdis' is a mixture of Greek mythology and crashing waves as the legendary whirlpool comes to life on canvas!


Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'In the Storm II'

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'In the Storm II'£1,820.00

A breath-taking hyper realistic wave painting from the amazing Marina Syntelis (b.1974)!

'In the storm II' manages to take you as close as you can get to the moment when the wave rises high in the sea storm!

Awesome painting!


Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'In the Storm'

Marina Syntelis (b.1974) 'In the Storm'£1,820.00

An amazing hyper realistic wave painting from the incredible Marina Syntelis (b.1974)!

'In the storm ' manages to not only capture the breath-taking image but moves us emotionally with

the sheer power of her painting! 


Gordon K Mitchell (b.1952) 'Scent of the Sea'

Gordon K Mitchell (b.1952) 'Scent of the Sea'£1,250.00

Beautiful photo realistic oil painting with more to it than meets the eye!

Cecil Hay (1899-1974) 'A collection of lustreware'

Cecil Hay (1899-1974) 'A collection of lustreware'£675.00

Very photogenic oil painting which was exhibited at the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts in 1955!

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