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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'Cosmos'

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Medium:  Oil painting

Marina Syntelis (b.1975) went back in time to bring back a painting technique favoured by the Old Masters, incorporating a secret recipe of blending resins, linseed oil, turps and oils to create an incredible luminescence , vitality depth to her oil paintings.

However as well as being a hyper - realist painter in terms of atmosphere, she allows for an element of magical realism and even some abstraction to create her stunning and highly moving scenes. Crashing waves meet misty. ethereal waters in a cascade of foam and water and emotion!

Marina decided to reach back in time, using an age-old secret of the old masters to create luster, transparencies, and glowing colours in their works. She discovered the use of pine resin, mixed with turps and linseed oil, known as a form of 'meglip'. A secret ingredient used by Turner, Rembrandt, Van Eyck and Rubens in order to create fabulous grazes. It is a technique that very few artists use today or have ever even tried. Marina has resurrected this technique by placing it within a contemporary context.

At Marina's 1st UK Solo Exhibition recently at the Southampton International Boat Show, where 43 paintings of hers were sold, there were looks of sheer amazement at the power of her paintings and the emotion it envoked within the viewer.

Steve Burnage at The Papillon Gallery believes that "Marina is one of the finest living seascape artists in the world and the incredible feedback from so many people at the International Boat Show in Southampton is a testimony to where her star is heading!"

Marina has a special talent for adding romanticism and sheer emotional energy into her work.

It is a beautiful painting and takes you back to look at it time after time!

The painting is signed on the canvas, painted in oils using Marina's special technique and measures 100cm x 100cm.

It will be framed beautifully in Marina;s trademark  white floating box frame,

Mediterranean style, which sets it off very nicely.

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