Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958)

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Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'

Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958) 'Fresh Today'

The master of the miniature with a beautifully detailed classic Spencelayh special!

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One of Englands finest genre painters in the Academic style!

Charles Spencerlayh RMS was born in Rochester in Kent. He studied at The National Art Training School in Kensington.

He exhibited more than an incredible 70 paintings at the Royal Academy including "Why War(1939)" which won the Royal Academy 'Picture of the Year'. He also exhibited at the Paris Salon.

Charles Spencerlayh was also a founder member of The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, commonly known as the Royal Miniature Society (RMS). He exhibited 129 miniatures at the RMS between 1896 and 1954. Many of his paintings were of domestic scenes and he was a favourite of Queen Mary, who purchased many of his paintings. In 1924 he painted a miniature of King George V for the Queens dolls house.

On 17th December 2009 Spencerlayh's incredible painting 'The Old Dealer' sold at Sotheby's for over £345,000!

Miniature painting is one of the hardest art genres to learn taking many years to become highly proficient. The academic technique is totally different than standard painting and comes directly from the discipline practised by the medieval illuminated manuscripters.

His work is highly sought after and incredibly detailed.

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