Mr Doodle (b.1994)

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Mr Doodle  (b.1994) 'Alien Town 2020'

Mr Doodle (b.1994) 'Alien Town 2020'

Mr Doodle was the 5th placed artist in world sales at auction in 2020 for artists under 40 ($4.7million) and here's his sold out (in 2 minutes!) 'Alien World'!

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The incredible doodle story continues as Sam Cox Aka 'Mr Doodle' and his 3.7 million Instagram followers see him become the 5th most sold artist under 40 at auction worldwide in 2020! He's now sold a near 1m painting and he is one of the hottest contemporay artists in the world.
His limited edition 'Alien Town 2020' sold all 300 copies in 2 minutes!

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