Roz Wilson (b.1960)

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Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'

Roz Wilson (b.1960) '56 Pink Cadillac'£3,650.00   £3,250.00

Incredibly beautiful hyper realistic acrylic painting of a 1956 Pink Cadillac from the amazing Roz Wilson!

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Roz Wilson (b.1960) is one of the finest painters of classic cars and motorbikes and is internationally famous for her work.

She brings a strong femininity to a historically masculine subject matter and really creates emotion and passion in her hyper realistic acrylic paintings. The chrome literally shines from the canvas and her work is so eyecatchingly different!

Roz was born in Herts, studied graphic design at Stevenage before beginning a career as a fashion designer, selling her clothes at the trendy Kensington Market, with celebs such as Freddie Mercury and Sigue Sigue Sputnik on her client list. She then returned to the art world fuelled by her passion for everything petrol driven when she married and settled on a houseboat in Berkshire away from the glitzy London fashion world.

Soon her graphic design skills and her passion for cars and motorbikes led to producing highly detailed hyper realistic paintings which move people very emotionally when they look at them. She has her own personal collection and has painted numerous classic vehicles winning many awards for her incredible work.

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