Louisa Tebbutt

Louisa Tebbutt is a London based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in 2000 with BA (Hons) Tapestry, followed by Glasgow University 2002 M.Phil Design & Applied Art. Louisa combines traditional art education with an emphasis on figurative studies including the long-established skills of anatomical instruction with an experimental approach.

Louisa’s first collection of works on oxidized steel has received considerable attention, with ‘Looking Out’ accepted for the new screening project at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

Exhibiting on a national and international level, including London, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Chicago, Boston MA, Tel Aviv, Budapest and Vienna to name but a few, she has many works in private and intercontinental collections.

Artist Statement:

Art can form a link to “what is out there”, a connection with the world and with others.

Most art pieces are failures; they aren’t perfect; flawed in one way or another. Hence art is a practice; it’s about doing something over and over again, exercising and strengthening the way we see. It’s about learning to see, learning to make connections between things and learning to make comparisons. It is about learning how to handle materials and working both with and against the tendencies of those materials. It’s about recognizing the possibility for improvement.

Louisa Tebbutt March 2021

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Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'

Louisa Tebbutt 'Speak my Words'

Sensational emotional painting on oxidised metal by Louisa Tebbutt!

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