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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'Underwaves'

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Product Code No.:  1199
Medium:  Oil painting

Stunning Marina Syntelis classic oil painting with an unusual twist!

In Marina own words ".One of my most recent paintings, which, if carefully looked at, could not actually exist in nature. I have noticed that when underwater, the sky is the surface of the sea. Sometimes, thsi surface resembles to the sky itself, as the clouds resemble to the waves. So, I thought I wanted to present a typical wavy ocean being underwater. Many people think it is a cloudy sky above those waves. However if they are asked to notice the colour of this sky or the way the waves disappear in the horizon, they start to question their first impression"

The image is 80cm x 60cm and 84cm x 64cm in its white Mediterranean floating box frame.

The painting is signed on the front and back and inscribed and dated on verso.


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