Sheeba Khan (b.1974)

One of the worlds most up and coming abstract expressionistic painters winning numerous awards and accolades as her work attracts international attention and acclaim!

Winner of the International Prize Caravaggio Great Master of Art Milan (December 2018)

Winner of Premio Inernazionale D'arte Fondozione Costanza, Madrid, Spain
(January 2019)

Winner International Prize Boticelli, Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy (February 2019)

Winner of International Artist of the Year. Mantova, Italy (June 9, 2019)

Featured as one of the 50 top artists in the international "ARTISTL: The Artbook of International Contemporary Art" (March 2019)

Like her paintings Sheeba's story is magical, having being raised in a jungle in Bhopal, surrounded by nature and wildlife, full of vivid colour love and danger.

Her journey took her to the UAE where she now resides and where she paints non stop with passion and characters literally lighting up every canvas she produces in acrylic in her own amazing style.

Sheeba states " I am totally into abstract expressionism and my art is a projection of my deepest thoughts. Every layer, every colour, every intricate pattern mirrors how my mind works. I express myself in bright colours. I love doing conceptual art that has a deeper meaning and I have my own style. Partly because I am self-taught and haven't followed anyone. I just paint from within. When I begin,I have a broad concept but no clue how I would bring it to life. The pent-up, unused creativity that lay dormant for years just surfaces and controls my hand".

Sheeba's star is rapidly rising and its a great time to buy her highly individual incredible abstract expressionistic paintings!

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