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Stella Sevastopoulos 'Purple Tints at Dusk'

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It is a scene from a beach called Psyli Ammos, on the Greek island of Samos. The mountain in the distance, called Mycale Mountain and nicknamed 'The Camel' because of its hump, is actually a Turkish mountain as Turkey is very close to Samos at this point. in Turkey its known as Dilek Mountain. It's the border between Europe and the East, where one 'philosophy of life' ends and another begins.

It is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas measuring 60 cm x 90cm  (23.7" x 35.5").

A choice of frames will come with the painting.

Stella is a very good artist and she has a great way of emotionally drawing you into her work and leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired having seen it! She uses colour beautifully capturing light and shadow but allowing her work to flow naturally across the canvas. 'Purple Tints at Dusk' represents a special place for the artist and that can be seen when viewing the mountain across the water. It feels like you could swim there but the painting also represents the coming together of two great parts where East literally meets West between Greece and Turkey. The whole painting is about transformation as dusk ends the day and leads to night at a place where East meets West'. Personally it represents where Stella Sevastopoulos now sits as an artist whose work is now gaining the recognition it truly  deserves!

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