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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'Kyma' Limited Edition Canvas Print

Our Price:  £980.00

Product Code No.:  1194-SFF
Medium:  Limited Edition Print

A beautiful limited edition canvas print of the original oil painting by Marina Syntelis (b.1975)!

In Marina's words "A rolling wave that highlights my love for the spiral. In this painting, I added more colour, trying to create space with the use of different shades of blue. Colour was my goal. Colour, light and the strong, mystical geometrical pattern. The simple, strong Greek word for wave (KYMA), spelled exactly the same in Greek, seemed the most suitable title..”

The image is 100cm x 100cm and is framed floating in a white box frame. The size with frame is 104cm x 104cm

Find the centre of the picture which is a dot within the eye follow the image the whole way back out to the edge of the picture! Its just breathe taking!

The Special Limited Edition giclee canvas prints are a stunning replica of the original  painting in every way.

There are only 15 Artists Proofs and 99 Special Limited Edition Proofs available in the run.

The canvases used are either top of the range  Infinity Museum Pro or Hahnemuhle Cezanne white cotton stretched canvasses, hand made, hand stretched and hand finished. The  natural white cotton is acid and lignin-free, using the latest technology to produce an incredible colour match which can be varnished if required.

All stretchers are wedged to ensure that the canvas remains beautifully stretched. Each print is individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both Marina Syntelis and The Papillon Gallery.

Each print can either be float framed , double float framed in Marinas white Mediterranean frames or unframed depending on personal taste. The price includes single frame. Please call for other frame options.

Frames will be delivered personally or by courier subject to demand and delivery is free on mainland UK.

Standard delivery charges to apply offshore.

Delivery time is normally within 3 weeks of placing an order, subject to frame availability due to current Brexit supply issues.




Marina Syntelis from Greece is swiftly becoming one of the world's greatest  hyper realistic wave artists and 'Proteus' is another incredible painting!

There is so much ferocity in the wave as it crashes from height and then turns inwards as if looking at the viewer saying 'catch me if you can!'.

Marina in her words says "In this painting the wave becomes a creature. The ancient Greek God Proteus uses the sea water to obtain his shape. A violent, powerful God turns into a violent, powerful wave emerging from the darkness, just about to crash and dissolve, only to appear again with a different shape


Marina was recently the subject of a great article by Stella Sevastopoulos in 'Art Scene Athens' December 2019'.





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Awesome painting!


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