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Marina Syntelis (b.1975) 'Let Be Light' Special Ltd Edition Canvas Print

Our Price:  £1,100.00

Product Code No.:  1220-SFF
Medium:  Limited Edition Print

An incredible new large limited edition canvas print from the amazing Marina Syntelis.

It's a view into her mind during the Pandemic and amidst the turmoil and suffering and darkness you'll also see those blue sky's returning in the background as the light grows and powers right through the painting bringing hope and the feeling of lighter times ahead.

Regarding Let Be Light Marina commented:

“I approached this wave in a more expressionistic mood.  This wave carries light. It is not formed by the sea as an element but more by the sea which bears life. It is definitely influenced by my feelings during the pandemic. What I needed, what some of us needed, was an explosion of light to conquer the darkness. Being a painter, I am privileged enough to create my own world, my refuge, my place to feel safe and hopeful. “

Image 100 x 100 cm

limited edition cnvas print

Framed in a white Mediterranean single floating frame.


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